The Rolling Pizza Kitchen

Peace - Love - Pizza

From catering to curbside, we bring you some of the best wood-fired pizza around. Our New England-style fuses the light, fluffiness of authentic Neapolitan with the crunch and chew of a New York slice. Whether you're a foodie from afar or a family searching for that slice of heaven, you'll love every bite.


Solar-Powered and Wood-Fired

Family gatherings, private functions, or corporate events! With our solar power unit, we are not only doing our part to save energy, but we can also run silent! No noisy generators bothering your guests.



Always check our social media platforms for updates!!

465 Great Road, Acton, MA 01720

Tue 3-7pm 
Wed 3-7pm 
Thur 3-7pm
Fri 12-7pm

Slices and whole pizzas! Right in the Acton Convenience & Deli parking lot. We do sell out some nights so check out social media feeds or give us a call.


Call to Order

(978)  501 - 1612

Check our social media platforms for location and schedule updates. As long as we're curbside, you're welcome to call ahead -- check out our menu and give us a ring!



Bringing the fire to your home or office! Great for birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, and so much more. Our quiet and clean Rolling Pizza Kitchen is great for so many events.

Pricing varies depending on location and catering details. 

Pizza Party__ Contact us for your next e

Your Back Yard

Wood-Fired and Hand-Tossed

Or at your Office

Contact us for details!

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Contact Us

All Massachusetts areas
(parts of NH, ME, CT, & VT)

(978) 501 - 1612

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(978) 501 - 1612

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